4 Reasons you should switch to digital signing in your business

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Digital signing has become a powerful tool for businesses looking to streamline and simplify their signing process. As more countries across the globe consider it legally valid, businesses have been empowered by their ability to digitalise their entire workflow. This ultimately leads to reduced business expenses and more streamlined processes.

There are so many use cases where digital signing actually offers an overall benefit over physical signing. This is to the point where many businesses could eliminate the need for physical signing altogether. To help you in making the decision to switch your business over, here are 4 benefits of digital signing.

Save time and reduce courier costs

Traditional signing can be time consuming. Either you need to get all parties into your office in order to sign it, which can often be difficult if they have a busy schedule, or you need to courier the documents out to them. Using a courier can also be annoying, and expensive. You need to prepare the document, courier it to each recipient, wait for them to receive it, review it, and sign it. After all of this, you still need to wait for it to be sent back to you. This process can take a lot of time, especially if one recipient is out of town, home sick, or otherwise not available. Ultimately, these delays can be frustrating and can cost money.

Alternatively, documents with digital signing can be sent via email, making delivery times near instant. The document can also be accessed anywhere at any time by the recipient, so they can complete the signing process from their overseas holiday. You will be alerted when they have signed, so you can then complete the process. All of this effectively lowers costs and reduces the number of hands the document has to pass between.   

Digital encryption keeps your documents secure

Security is extremely important with many documents which require signing. As they are often legal contracts security is a necessity. Digital signing is extremely good when it comes to security. The software ensures the signature is encrypted in order to protect your document from tampering.

With an encrypted digital signature, the software will let you know if a single character of your document has been edited or deleted. Encryption also leaves a data trail so it is easier to trace and expose forgeries. So, if your signee states that they have not signed your document, the signature can be analysed, and its origins confirmed.

See the status of your document in real time

Want to know whether your document has been opened, reviewed, or signed? Digital signing allows you to see all of this information in real time. This means you can know whether the signee is sitting on the document, or whether they have even opened it in the first place. It gives you a lot more information to craft the right follow up, especially if you are attempting to sign on a client.

The whole lifecycle of your document is made digital, and cloud based, meaning you can view it at any time throughout the process. This allows you to keep track of your documents so you are never left in the dark as to what is happening. With some digital signing providers, you can send out automatic reminders to ensure your documents are completed in time.

Reduce paper waste

Another important point to mention is the environmental impact of paper. A lot of trees are cut down each year for paper, which then ends up in landfill sites. There is an environmental cost to paper use. So, utilising digital signing allows businesses to reduce their waste and by extension, impact on the environment. Not only does this lower your carbon footprint, but it also reduces your business expenses too. With less need for paper, less is bought, potentially saving your business thousands, depending on its size and paper use.


Technology is transforming the way the world does business. Every year something we do in our businesses can be automated, or digitalised, saving time and money. Often this technology has the added benefit of turning, what was originally a wasteful or environmentally harmful process, into something which is carbon neutral and beneficial to the world around us. As we continue moving through the digital age it is more important than ever to be open and receptive to new technologies, and the way they will transform how we do business.

Link Books is big on utilising new technologies to streamline and improve our clients’ day to do business operations. We have seen many clients save thousands or more per year by switching over to software like digital signing or Xero. Reach out to us if you are interested in digitalising more of your business.

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